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It's a show up to 35 minutes that combines both traditional comedy and slideshow comedy - a unique kind of comedy with stand-up, music and pictures mixed together. Joe adapts it to your audience and it's perfectly suited for any comedy club, company event, party, or university.

Joe Eagan

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Joe Eagan is a Canadian stand-up comedian living near Copenhagen since 2000 and has performed in over 25 countries worldwide with his unique blend of traditional stand-up comedy and slideshow comedy.

Joe mixes pictures, music and stand-up comedy into a show that can be anywhere from 10 to 35 minutes. The show is perfectly suited for international companies and groups since it is adapted based on who is in the audience and covers all the nationalities represented at your event.


It is a show suitable for any kind of event - from company events/dinners with hundreds of people to smaller gatherings, kick-offs, conferences, weddings and private parties. Joe can also travel easily from Copenhagen anywhere to your event.


Having performed at countless events throughout Scandinavia, Germany, Benelux and the rest of Europe, Joe has entertained companies like Microsoft, IKEA, Sony Ericsson, Airbus and more. A truly international comedian and great entertainment choice for your next event – and Joe can even perform in Swedish if you like!


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Events in Europe - Stand-up Comedian Joe Eagan (Canada)

Thanks Joe for a wonderful show! I especially liked how you prepared material for us about all the nationalities of the people in our group, that was really appreciated!" - Daniel Tajari, NXP Holland